Power hopes IndyCar stays competitive

Defending IndyCar champion Will Power says the unpredictable nature of the American open-wheel championship is a large part of its global appeal.


In Power’s championship year there were 11 different race winners while the Australian’s title win made him the fourth different driver to lift the Astor Cup at the end of the year.

This year however new aerodynamic bodywork kits are being introduced to the field and there will be only limited testing for drivers going into the season opener in Florida on March 29.

Power says he’s hopeful the changes won’t have too much affect on what makes IndyCar special.

“One of the great things about IndyCar the last three years is how good and aggressive the racing has been with the way this car drives and isn’t affected too terribly by the turbulent air of the car in front,” Power told IndyCar深圳桑拿,.

“When you start adding winglets you can be dependent on little aero bits and disturbed air becomes more of an issue.”

Power, who said last month he was feeling as motivated as ever despite finally landing a championship he’d narrowly missed out on three times in the past, will go into the season opener at St Petersburg with happy memories.

The 34-year-old won there last year and in 2010, as well as earning the pole position for four straight years from 2010 to 2013.

“It never seems to get easier,” Power said.

“Everyone learns more and things get tighter.

“The whole series is so competitive. You just see that in the last two years, how many different race winners there were, how many different pole-sitters there were. There’s nothing worse in a series where the same people win over and over and over, there’s no competition.

“That’s what is cool about IndyCar. You can be 22nd one week, then you can be winning a race a next week. I think that keeps the fans interested. That’s how a series should be.

“It will be a tough year. You’ve got to earn your meal ticket.”